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“It was great fun, thank you! Will be back for more fun!” –C.F. BH Graduate

“It was such a pleasure to take your class Saturday.” –M.S. BH Graduate

“Everything was presented very professionally, the instructors were very respectful and knowledgeable. I would not hesitate to recommend WHN and I plan to attend additional courses. Thanks again for a great class!” –C.T. BH Graduate

“Would like to thank you all for the time and attentive nature in which you handled this course. You all have a tremendous amount of experience and overall patience.” –M.R. BH Graduate

“[My wife] and I are grateful to you for your instruction, but most of all, for your patience dealing with her handgun compatibility issues. We were both long time teachers, and we appreciate your instruction and ability to adapt to immediate concerns and problems.” –G.M. BH Graduate

"Great value for the money. The progressive approach is perfect. Seldom have I bought something or taken a course and at the end have said to myself "I would have paid more for that". The training at White Horse Nation is one of those times!" -G.S. L1DH Graduate

“Thanks for another great class, I thoroughly enjoyed the entire day. You, Jim, and Jack were all fantastic and I deeply appreciate all of the one on one attention and instruction. I also appreciate the constant attention to safety throughout the entire day. I will continue to recommend your classes whenever the opportunity arises. Looking forward to another class in the future.” –R.A. L1DH Graduate

"I am not certain what my expectations were, but what ever they could have been were exceeded in every respect. You have a real value in your program and it is enhanced by your style and desire that your students learn not only the how you do it but the why. I also like how you demonstrate authority without arrogance." - J.N. BH Graduate

"Thank you very much for an excellent course-had never held a gun before-you made me ‘think outside my box’.“ - V.B. BH Graduate

"Thank you for taking time to help teach others how to be safe & responsible gun owners.“ - R.S. BH Graduate

"I think you all did a tremendous job. I hope you offer a Level II course this year!“ - B.C. L1DH Graduate

"My husband just left for the weekend. I loaded my magazine and put it into my Smith & Wesson like it was nothing. Wasn't even nervous or freaked out." -MK, graduate of Basic Handgun, via FB message

Informational Sites

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Gun Laws, Pennsylvania

Gun Laws, Federal


Especially For The Ladies


America The Beautiful!


Non-Mainstream News


The Anti-Gun Left......  Who are they?


Countering The Lies And Myths Of The Anti-Gun Left! 


Law Enforcement Officer's Safety Act.  New links at the suggestion of a client!


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