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basic1Our Basic Handgun course is designed for beginners as well as people who have handled handguns previously but have never had any formal training in the safe and proper handling of handguns.

While our course is not an official NRA course, it is very similar. At this time we do not offer this course in an official NRA capacity because many of our customers are interested in learning how to safely use handguns for self-defense. While we love our friends at the NRA, give them full credit for many of the advancements in gun rights and strongly encourage all of our customers to support the NRA with membership, the NRA rightly imposes certain restrictions on their official classes. Those restrictions include a prohibition on use of certain targets and a prohibition on discussion of certain subject matter.

Since many of our customers are interested in learning about handguns for self-defense, we believe we owe it to them to add an element of that to our Basic Handgun course. Because we add that element, we cannot call it an “official” NRA class.

Participants in our Basic Handgun course will learn the universal safety rules and their application to every-day handling of a firearm. In a self-defense oriented atmosphere, we discuss the fundamentals of shooting, handgun terminology and nomenclature, various holster configurations and their uses, and ammunition configurations.

Participants are introduced to safe gun handling through dry fire drills using dummy ammunition and progress into live fire drills with live ammunition.

Our certified instructors work with participants to troubleshoot accuracy issues and other shooting issues and work with the participants to ensure resolutions.

Participants need to bring:

·         Your PA License to Carry Firearms
·         Eye Protection
·         Hearing Protection
·         Baseball Cap
·         Revolver or Pistol
·         100 Rounds of Factory Ammunition for your Handgun
·         Lunch 

A certificate of completion is awarded upon successful completion of the course.

The fee for Basic Handgun is $125.00 ($130 if paying online).  White Horse Nation also has a limited number of handguns that are available for people that want to take a class but have not yet purchased a handgun.  If you use one of our guns the fee is $175 ($185 if paying online) and we supply the ammunition.



Our group and private class rates aren't as expensive as you might expect. White Horse Nation, LLC can provide the Basic Handgun course to individuals or groups of as many as 10.  You, or your group, get the same Basic Handgun class as everyone else except we do it when you want it.  

The course can be divided in half and presented over two evenings rather than all on a single day. **
1 person    $250
2 people    $300
3 people    $425
4 people    $500
5-6 people $750
7 people    $875
8 people    $1000
9 people    $1125
10 people  $1250
**Add $60 for classes scheduled over 2 evenings.

Also, add $50 for anyone using a White Horse Nation gun (White Horse Nation supplies the ammunition).  Contact us to make the arrangements!


Our Basic Handgun Course or an equivalent is required for admission into our Level 1 Defensive Handgun Course.

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