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is a company that provides a variety of services related to firearms instruction, security, and relative consulting in the Altoona / South Central Pennsylvania area. We appreciate your interest. Feel free to contact us with questions. 


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    Training for Safety and Self-Defense

    Learn the proper techniques for firearms safety and your personal protection.

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  • “It was great fun, thank you! Will be back for more fun!” –C.F. BH Graduate

    “It was such a pleasure to take your class Saturday.” –M.S. BH Graduate

    “Everything was presented very professionally, the instructors were very respectful and knowledgeable.  I would not hesitate to recommend WHN and I plan to attend additional courses.  Thanks again for a great class!” –C.T. BH Graduate

    “Would like to thank you all for the time and attentive nature in which you handled this course.  You all have a tremendous amount of experience and overall patience.” –M.R. BH Graduate

    “[My wife] and I are grateful to you for your instruction, but most of all, for your patience dealing with her handgun compatibility issues.  We were both long time teachers, and we appreciate your instruction and ability to adapt to immediate concerns and problems.” –G.M.  BH Graduate 

    "Great value for the money.  The progressive approach is perfect.  Seldom have I bought something or taken a course and at the end have said to myself "I would have paid more for that".  The training at White Horse Nation is one of those times!" -G.S. L1DH Graduate


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While Ruger is a good brand name, it is my opinion that the original LCP is a poorly built gun.  The slide does not lock back after the last round is fired and the slide catch/release is miserably located, very small and difficult to manipulate, even for someone with experience.

Then there's the trigger.  The trigger press on the original LCP is stupidly long.  

It's a cheap (and I'm using that word intentionally), concealable gun which is why they’ve sold a ton of them but it's a miserable gun for people to try to learn how to shoot with (smaller guns generally are).

More often than not, when someone shows up with an original LCP they struggle with it the entire time and we end up spending an inordinate amount of time working with one person.  That means we are taking time away from other clients in the class.  We've had a lot of clients show up with an LCP and get so frustrated that they finish the class with one of WHN's guns.

When classes go long, it's often because we had one or more people in the class who were trying to learn with an original LCP.  We have time built into the classes to allow for spending time with people who are trying to learn.  That's what we're here for, but we spend inordanate amounts of time with original LCPs quite often having to dedicate an instructor just to that person.  It's not fair to the others in the class.

The LCP II isn't a whole lot better.  The slide is supposed to lock back....... key words being "supposed to."  It doesn't always.

Mom always said, "you get what you pay for."  If you buy a $185 handgun you'll get a $185 handgun.  There's a reason Glock 43s cost more than twice what Ruger LCPs cost.

On a side note, with 9mm guns being built in comparable sizes, there's little reason to buy the inferior .380 ACP.

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